Monday, April 8, 2013

Surprise again! - Poland

We would like to introduce to you two very amazing girls from our school Gimnazjum 23:                Ms Simona Krol (the real name: Szymon Krol) and Ms Jacoba Krzyzaniak (the real name Jakub Krzyzaniak):)
These brave students have dressed up as girls to entertain the school's society and feel as women for a while during The Women's Day at school in March:)

Keep smiling!
New Born Beautiful Girls:)

Surprise! - Poland

Do you know who is Christopher Dorozala from Gimnazjum 23?

This is a very creative Polish student who has found a very funny way to carry on English dictionaries for his classmates. Baggy jeans, huge pockets and there is it! He can put into his pockets up to 12 small dictionaries for English classes:)

Greetings from Poland