These were our questions about fashion:
  1. What type of clothes do you like to wear to school?
  2. What type of clothes don't you like to wear with your friends?
  3. What clothes do you prefer to go parties?
  4. What clothes do you hate?
  5. What piece of clothing do you love? 
  6. What type of clothes are traditional in your country?
  7. Which clothing stores do you prefer?
  8. What type of shoes do you like?
  9. What do you prefer, jeans or skirts?
  10. What colour do you prefer for clothes?
  11. What colour don't you like for clothes?
  12. What are the fashions in your country?

Answers of the students of CPI Tino Grandío were these:
Traditional clothes in Spain
The majority of people like jeans and leggings, comfortable clothes, to wear to       school. For the second question most people answered that the clothes they don't like to wear to go out with their friends are tracksuits.
Dresses and jeans were the most popular for going to parties. About half of the people hate polo-neck sweaters and the rest hate dresses and skirts.
The students of CPI Tino Grandío love: jeans, sweaters, skirts, trainers, etc.
The most popular clothing store are: Stradivarius, PullandBear, Bershka, New Yorker and Lefties.
Everybody answered trainers or Converse to question eight. In answer to question nine all the students preferred jeans. The students prefer different colors for clothes: blue, red, black, pink, etc. The answer to question eleven was the same, the colors that the people don't like for clothes, are different.
For the last question most people answered: vans, jeans and T-shirt, military print, etc.

Traditional clothes in Spain
  And these are the answers of the students from Poland:
These are the traditional costumes in the centre of Poland
The students from Poland prefer to wear long trousers and colorful blouses to school. They don't wear high heels and mini skirts to meet with their friends. The answer to question three is similar to the answer of the students at my school, they like wearing dresses, jeans and blouses to go to parties. They hate pants with flared legs, short skirts and turtlenecks. They like street style, informal and casual. 
Their favourite shops are the same that the students in Guntín, they like to shop at Bershka, C&A, H&M and New Yorker, the only different shop was Cropp. The answer to question eight was the same, they like trainers and sport shoes. And for question nine, they answered the same, they prefer jeans. Most of them prefer fair/ light colors for clothes, but some of them prefer dark colors and they hate orange and pink for clothes. And they have differents styles.

Traditional clothes in southern part of Poland: Silesia

And this is a photo of the students of Poland and their style
article written by Sonia López and Desiré Souto


In Spain and Poland there are many types of shoes. Talking about sport shoes, the most popular brands are: Vans, Nike, Adidas, Converse. In Spain also is popular Puma, and in Poland Lacoste.

A lot of people wear sport shoes to go to school, for example trainers. In Spain, in summer, are popular sandals. However, in Poland are popular ballerinas. During winter boots are popular in both places, and in Poland Emu shoes are also popular.

In terms of high-heel shoes the most popular types in Spain are spike heels and sandals. Boots are common in both places. This type of shoes are very popular in Spain, the people use to go to events, parties and wedding. However, in Poland they use high-heel shoes to special occasions and school ceremonies.

In the summer the most popular type of shoes in Spain are sandals and dancer shoes. Flip flops and sneakers are popular in both places.
High-heel shoes in Spain are popular to teenagers, but in Poland not, in Poland are popular to adult woman.

by Yaiza Bruzos and María López

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