Present-day music in Poland and Spain
Spain and Poland have similar likes with: Psy (Gangnam Style), Eminem, Pitbull, Coldplay, Green day, Adele. But we don’t know the groups from Poland and Polish people don’t know Spanish groups.
The most famous Spanish groups are; Amaral, Melendi, Juan Magán, Manolo Escobar, Pablo Alborán, Alex Ubago.
The most famous Polish groups and singers: Hey, Liber, Peja, Andrzej Piaseczny, Doda, Acid Drinkers, Eva Farna, Mrozu.

 These are some famous Spanish singers:

And these are some famous Polish singers:

by Denise Abel and Eduardo Ulloa

Traditional music

The students in our class like Juan Magán, Celtas Cortos, David Bisbal, Bustamante, and Leilía, but the most popular are Juan Magán and Celtas Cortos.
The majority of the students say that the "Muiñeira" is the traditional dance, but also they say that "Jota" is popular in Galicia. The traditional song in Galicia is "Rianxaira". There are also more songs that are typical, such as "Miudiño" and "A Carolina" and so on. 
Some celebretes each village has it's own celebrations that they celebrate at specific times. The type of music that they you listen in this celebrations are "Pasodobles" "merengue" "salsa"... They are the most typical. 
The majority of the students at CPI Tino Grandío say that they don't like traditional music or "Flamenco", but also there are few students who say they like folk music.
The students in Poland say that the most famous singers in his Country are: Dorota Rabczewska (nickname
Doda’), Ewa Farna, Mrozu, Mezo, Patrycja Markowska, Agnieszka Chylinska, Maryla
Rodowicz and Andrzej Piaseczny ( nickname “Piasek”). Also mention famous bands like Blue Café, Perfect, Enej, Feel, Kombi and formerly Czerwone Gitary-The Red Guitars.
In Poland ,they listen many types of music but the most popular are: pop, rock, R&B, disco polo, rap and hip-hop.

They sent some videos: 

In Polish villages, but not only there,  there is a popular a kind of music called disco polo. A lot of people say that they don't like this music.
They have many festivals with many types of music. The most famous festival is the "top trendy festival" in Sopot, a festival in Opole, a festival country in Mragowo "a Woodstock stop" and a metal festival in Jarocin.

Poland now has traditional folk music festivals that feature authentic music from Poland's past. These festivals also include dances and folk costume into their repertoire. Sometimes groups will compete against one another with various experts in traditional folk music, dance and costumes.
This is a Polish Folk Orchestra:

We have examples , photos and links with the musicians playing folk music:

Polish traditional instrument- violin
Polish Folk Orchestra

Polish Mountain Folk Music

And their favourite - The group: Zakopawer with a singer Sebastian Karpiel-Bulecka; 

The most popular singer in Lithuania is Radži.
In this Lithuania listen a lot of types of music, but the most popular is POP.
In his country the folk music is not very often, they play it and sing folks songs on special occasions, independence day, Shorove Tuesday, they celebrate St. Jhon's day.
In Lithuania have a wonderful festival- Tryskiai summer: This festival is dedicated to the end of the summer, the popular Lithuanian bands entertain the villagers.
In Lithuania don't like metal, hard metal rock very loud music. They like POP music.

Shrove Tuesday, St. John‘s day

by Andrea Rodríguez and Ana Seijas

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