Friday, March 1, 2013


In Spain and Poland there are many types of shoes. Talking about sport shoes, the most popular brands are: Vans, Nike, Adidas, Converse. In Spain also is popular Puma, and in Poland Lacoste.

A lot of people wear sport shoes to go to school, for example trainers. In Spain, in summer, are popular sandals. However, in Poland are popular ballerinas. During winter boots are popular in both places, and in Poland Emu shoes are also popular.

In terms of high-heel shoes the most popular types in Spain are spike heels and sandals. Boots are common in both places. This type of shoes are very popular in Spain, the people use to go to events, parties and wedding. However, in Poland they use high-heel shoes to special occasions and school ceremonies.

In the summer the most popular type of shoes in Spain are sandals and dancer shoes. Flip flops and sneakers are popular in both places.
High-heel shoes in Spain are popular to teenagers, but in Poland not, in Poland are popular to adult woman.

by Yaiza Bruzos and María López

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